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Jaycue is a conservative clothing company that sells modest and unique white clothes. This luxury brand uses durable, quality materials and maintains elegant style.

This brand started out as a name made up among my sisters to create a name to represent my nationality, Jamaican American. We coined the term Jamerican Queen. I knew I wanted to create clothing and this would be the perfect name. I realized it was getting harder to find dresses and skirts that looked nice, were long enough, or durable. So I began making clothing for my self. Then fashion shows and making custom pieces for my family and friends. As I evolved as a designer and so did the name, into Jaycue (J.Q.). 


We now sell clothing across the U.S. from our online store. We are elated to be apart of the conservative wing in the fashion industry providing all your lady like needs. 


I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. If you have any question or comments please feel free to contact us and follow us on our Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.


Check out our blog for great deals and pop up shops!

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